Phase Two: “Securing a future for the tigers of Madhya Pradesh”

Armed with accurate and well presented information, as well as a much better understanding of the issues and opportunities that the tiger faces in Madhya Pradesh, we can start to plan a realistic future for them. Our intention is to work in close consultation with the various stakeholders of this region, including those who live in the area and those who depend on the land and local resources for their subsistence or livelihood. This is how we plan to crystallize a broad-based position that will assist the leaders of the various governmental agencies - those responsible for the protection of the tiger and the management of its habitat - to make far-reaching and well-informed decisions.

Our Phase One findings and their interpretation will be presented in a report to be submitted to the federal, state and local governments, with specific recommendations on how to achieve a pragmatic and sustainable balance between human activity and tigers. At this stage, perhaps with the financial support international bilateral or multilateral agencies, The Tiger Foundation and Tiger Trust may the in a position to assist these governments to implement our proposed plan to save the wild tigers of Madhya Pradesh.

The full implementation of Phase Two would likely cost several million dollars per annum. A third phase would likely consist of long term surveillance, maintenance and law-enforcement, and may be accomplished by investing several hundred thousand 2001 dollars per annum.

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