India is known as The Land of the Tiger and Madhya Pradesh State is known as The Tiger State. It is all for a very good reason. More tigers live in India than anywhere else, and more tigers live in Madhya Pradesh than in any other Indian state. Sadly, these tigers are critically endangered. Yet, there is hope. Madhya Pradesh, or MP, as it is affectionately known, is one of the last places left in the world where relatively large and un-fragmented wild tiger populations have the opportunity to have sustainable and secure future. It is here that The Tiger Foundation has launched its latest tiger conservation initiative.

The Tiger Foundation and its Indian partner, Tiger Trust, have teamed-up to design and implement two far-reaching programs with two simple objectives: 1) To put a rapid stop to rampant tiger poaching in Madhya Pradesh State, and 2) to prevent the deterioration and fragmentation of one of India's last great tiger forests. These projects need urgent funding and we appeal to the generosity of your spirit: Please give us the financial support we need to help save the last wild tigers of Madhya Pradesh.

Together with National Geographic Channel, and as part of the Tiger Weekend Campaign, we are launching a fundraising appeal in support of these two new programs.