Adopt-A-Wild Tiger (World-First Exclusive Adoption Program) - Indonesia

An innovative funding mechanism for field operating costs of The Tiger Foundation's ground-breaking long-term study and conservation program. This unique project is focused on the protection of a significant Sumatran tiger population living in prime lowland rainforest tiger habitat in southern Sumatra.

By "adopting" an individual tiger or tiger family for one year, sponsors directly support a unique study that has allowed The Sumatran Tiger Project team to develop an unprecedented, intimate understanding of this elusive and virtually unknown tiger subspecies. With its pioneering application of "camera trapping," satellite imagery, geographic information systems, and constant patrolling of the Way Kambas National Park forest, the project's findings over five years have provided invaluable scientific data and field intelligence to the Indonesian Government. This has is allowing them to shape far-reaching nature conservation policies and practices. The entire project has been combined with a simple but highly effective habitat preservation and anti-poaching program (ongoing since 1995) at Way Kambas, across much of Lampung Province, and in several districts of southeastern Sumatra. - Sustaining annual budget: US$80,000