The Tiger Foundation spends over 90% of the money it raises conducting hands-on, field-based wild tiger conservation. When you give to The Tiger Foundation, you give directly to wild tigers. Donations finance habitat preservation initiatives, community development programs, anti-poaching patrols, park ranger training, field equipment purchases and much-needed tiger ecology research. Virtually no money is spent on administration or overhead.

The fact that you are visiting this site - reading these very words - indicates a concern on your part for the well being of the tiger. It may also indicate a willingness to help. Besides its exotic beauty, this impulse is the single most valuable asset possessed by the tiger right now.

With wild tigers on the brink of extinction, urgent action is needed. The sums of money required to deal with the most critical issues are enormous. Every donation and effort is important, no matter how big or small. Whether you choose to support The Tiger Foundation or any other similarly committed organization, our message is the same: