The Tiger Foundation was created in 1996. It was inspired by one child's innocent concern for what is perhaps the world's most charismatic, yet misunderstood animal. While traveling through China in 1994, the Romero family encountered a market stall selling wild animal parts. One of them was a tiger paw...

Tanya Romero was born in 1986, the Year of the Tiger, and has always had a special interest in tigers. Tanya was so disturbed by the sight of the tiger paw, that together with her sisters Natasha and Layla, she asked her family if they could do something to "help save tigers." Their parents saw this request as an extraordinary educational opportunity for their daughters; not knowing that the commitment they were about to make would eventually transform their lives. Together, they began to learn about the tiger's desperate plight. Shocked by all they discovered, the Romero family went on to formulate an action plan and organized a like-minded team of friends and business associates from Australia, Canada, Indonesia and the USA.

Between 1996 and 2006, The Tiger Foundation was a non-profit organization devoted exclusively to the preservation of wild tigers. Other than the field staff, everyone was a volunteer. We were committed to implementing pragmatic conservation solutions. The foundation had virtually no overhead expenses; its many supporters and partners donated office space, equipment, printing, travel, legal advice, accounting, auditing, public relations, writing, graphic design, web site development services and administrative support.

Our goal is simple in concept, yet complex in execution: To help prevent the extinction of wild tigers. We believe that by bringing together a worldwide network of talented individuals, corporations, organizations and governments that care about wild tigers, and by focusing on a few simple, well-conceived and cost-effective programs, we will make a meaningful contribution to tiger conservation. Please join us on our odyssey...

Tanya Romero in China in 1994 with the tiger paw that inspired The Tiger Foundation.

OUR GOAL is to make a major contribution to the long-term conservation of wild tigers and their habitat. In the cities, we will educate the public about the endangerment of the tiger and raise funds to support our fieldwork. In the forests of Asia, we will be hands-on participants, offering funding and expertise in support of tiger conservation.

WE SEEK to achieve our objectives through innovative fund-raising; by applying the highest standards of excellence and ethics in our programs; by optimizing our valuable resources; and by forming practical alliances with governments, organizations and top professionals in the field of tiger conservation. We also seek to ensure that the full conservation potential of tigers living in zoos is realized for the benefit of wild tigers.

WE MEASURE our success by the number of tiger cubs that are born in the areas we protect.

WE WILL STRIVE uncompromisingly to develop The Tiger Foundation into one of the most effective conservation organizations in the world, all for the exclusive benefit of wild tigers and their habitat.