Welcome to the Tiger Foundation web site. Between 1996 and 2006, The Tiger Foundation (TTF) operated as a 100% volunteer conservation organization exclusively dedicated to the preservation of wild tigers. TTF is no longer active, although some of its founders continue to privately participate in tiger conservation work. Following a successful 10 years history; having raised millions of dollars of funding, actively managed and participated in several successful tiger conservation initiatives and achieved a great deal of success, the founders of TTF decided to wind down the organization and to move on to other charitable endeavours. The web site will remain alive for information and archival purposes. Through it, you will have the power to access, though links and information posted on this site, every available fact, fable, thought and theory regarding Panthera tigris, as well as find an effective instrument through which you can link to those working to prevent the extinction of these magnificent, but critically endangered animals.

The tiger is the world's largest cat; a powerful and solitary predator that once roamed widely throughout Asia. At the beginning of the last century, there were an estimated 100,000 tigers in the wild. Today, possibly fewer than 5000 remain. They live in small islands of forest surrounded by a sea of humanity. Relentless poaching and habitat loss threatens their existence. Sadly, unless we reverse the present rate of decline, our children will grow up in a world without wild tigers. As it approaches its darkest hour, the tiger's survival is now entirely in humanity's hands...including yours.

This is a comprehensive site, full of fascinating information and extraordinary images. Explore it and discover the world of tigers. Quite simply, our hope is to inspire you to play a role, big or small, in the fight for the tiger's survival.

We dedicate this site to wild tigers, with the hope that they will survive in the growing light of human knowledge.

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