During the last decade, the people of Taiwan have emerged as among the most environmentally aware and active in Asia. With the support and example set by organizations such as the Society of Wilderness - a remarkable nature conservation group counting thousands of grassroots members and volunteers - and corporate philanthropists such as 7-Eleven, they have managed to a make great deal of social and environmental progress on their beautiful island. They are now reaching out overseas to an animal that means a great deal to the Chinese culture: the tiger. With the support of National Geographic Channel, and in collaboration with The Tiger Foundation, 7-Eleven and SOW have launched an island-wide education and awareness campaign to help preserve Asia's last wild tigers: "Taiwan Save The Tiger". The response has been extraordinary and may well turn out to be one of the most successful tiger fundraisers ever conducted. Thousands of people across Taiwan went to Taiwan's nearly three thousand 7-Eleven stores, reached into their wallets and donated generously to help save wild tigers from extinction.