The Tiger Foundation is working with Taman Safari Indonesia and several partners to create a world-class and humane Sumatran tiger sanctuary at Taman Safari Indonesia, an organization that operates a spectacular wildlife park located near Bogor on the island of Java. This remarkable zoological institution is Indonesia's largest wildlife park and has been designated by the country's Department of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation as Indonesia's Centre for the Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife. Widely recognized as the world's premier ex situ Sumatran tiger conservation institution, they care for one of the largest managed populations of Sumatran tigers in the world. Most of these animals have been "rescued" from the wild, where they have come into conflict with humans and would normally have been exterminated. Some of the tigers were obtained from people who kept them as pets, in menageries, or in circuses.

TSI's Sumatran breeding program is a promising alternative to having "problem tigers" destroyed, along with their priceless genes. TSI also maintains a modern genome resource bank. It is our belief that because these tigers are genetic representatives of wild populations that have been fragmented along with their habitat, they may some day offer one of the best opportunities to prevent inbreeding of wild Sumatran tigers - a potentially critical problem in the near future. The work of TSI is a promising new frontier in the world of tiger conservation. This valuable project is currently looking for funding to expand and improve its facilities.